How Much Does A New Furnace Cost in Fredericksburg, Va?

As is the case with all consumer goods, the short answer is it depends. It depends on the brand, size, type of energy used, and the energy efficiency ratings. Unless you have a particular furnace in mind, you’ll find a range of prices and you’ll need to choose which furnace best meets your needs and budget.

It’s All in a Name but Should it be?

Brand names are typically more expensive. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. Sometimes you’re paying a higher price tag for the name, but often you’re paying more for ratings and dependability. Often peace of mind comes with buying a name brand because you can trust the company, its warranty and that it’s highly rated. But, before committing to a name brand, find out from your skilled and knowledgeable technician at First Choice Heating & Air Conditioning whether there are any lesser-known brands that are strong on performance.

Size Does Matter when it comes to Furnaces in Fredericksburg

Bigger is more expensive. It’s true with homes, cars, and furnaces. You’ll pay more for a furnace that is designed to heat more square footage. But, make sure that you actually need the bigger furnace before you invest in one. Your certified technician from First Choice can perform a load calculation on your home to determine the size furnace that is right for your house.  We will take into account the age of your home, the direction it faces, windows, insulation, and what type of furnace is the best fit. Read on for more detail….

Type and Energy Efficiency

First, you’ll need to determine which type of furnace you’ll need: oil, gas, or electric. Typically, you’ll want to purchase the same type you had previously, but if you wanted to switch to a different energy source, you’ll need to consult your First Choice professional. Your trained heating and air technician will help you navigate the costs and availability of a different energy source for your furnace. 

Furnaces also have different energy efficiency ratings, known as AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). The higher the AFUE, the less energy or gas it uses to heat your home. You can typically purchase an 80% AFUE furnace for less money than a 90% AFUE furnace. This can vary depending on the features of the furnace. 

Here’s a list of current furnace options with added benefits:

  • 80% or 90% Single-Stage Heating Furnace (One-stage heat means it operates at full fire on or off) These are typically your less efficient for energy savings and comfort.
  • 80% or 90% Two-Stage Heating Furnace (Two-stages of heat means it has a low fire and high fire operation) The furnace will typically run at a lower fire rate to save you money, and it will switch to high fire rate if needed.)
  • 80% or 90% + Two-Stage Variable Speed Heating Furnace (Same as the two-stage above), but you have a higher efficient motor that is quieter, saves you money, and increases your comfort by evening out temperature swings in the home.
  • 80% or 90% + Modulating Variable Speed Heating Furnace (The heating output modulates to meet the exact heating needs of your home.)  These are your top of the line furnaces today with efficiency, quietness, and overall comfort.

While the initial cost of the 80% furnace is less, the 90% furnace can provide long term savings. It uses less energy to heat your home, and less energy is wasted. If you’re unsure which is best for your needs and budget, contact us at First Choice Heating & Air Conditioning, and we will be glad to walk you through your options.

Price Tags

Here are some average prices for the cost of the furnace and the cost of installation combined. As mentioned above, your price will depend on the brand, size, and efficiency; as well as, varying costs of installation. Electric furnaces will usually cost between $2,000 to $3,000, while gas furnaces can run anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000. Oil furnaces can often be the most expensive, costing as much as $6,000 or more.

These are only rough estimates, and prices can vary due to many factors related to installation.  A detailed evaluation and estimate will need to be performed by one of your trusted experts at First Choice Heating & Air Conditioning to determine your needs.