Why is my air-conditioner not turning on in Fredricksburg, NC?

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Nothing is more aggravating than turning on your air-conditioner for its first seasonal use – and nothing happens!

To minimize your frustration, make sure you are familiar with your breaker panel box, know where your air filters are located, and how to properly set your thermostat.

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Nevertheless, here could be a few reasons why your air-conditioner is not coming on.

Tripped breaker in your Fredricksburg home

Sometimes a power surge, thunderstorm, or brief power loss will cause your circuit breakers to trip.

Check your main panel first, then any outlets with GFCI resettable buttons to see if they have tripped.

You can also try flipping the breaker off then on again to see if the AC kicks back on.

Check the service disconnect switch

Near your unit outside, there should be a metal box hanging onto the house.

Inside is a service disconnect switch.

Confirm that the switch has not been pressed.

It’s unlikely, but it’s one more place to check as you’re troubleshooting your AC.

Frozen Indoor Coil

Just as with your car, the air filter in your home HVAC system is crucial to the efficiency and performance of your heating and air conditioning equipment.

A clogged air filter will lead to increased operating costs and possibly cause your system to shut down unexpectedly.

A frozen coil can be the result of a refrigerant leak. This could be at the indoor coil, in the connecting refrigerant lines, or at the condensing outdoor unit.

Low refrigerant means low pressure and low pressure means low temperatures that will eventually freeze the evaporator coil.